About Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is recognized by many people as an ethical hair supplier in Vietnam, which provides a wide selection of hair items to accommodate various hair styles and textures. Keep scrolling to the end of this blog and you will know everything about them.

Everything you need to know about Vin Hair Vendor

More than 10 years ago, Vin Hair Vendor was founded. From a small business, they keep growing and now become a huge hair supplier in Vietnam with global recognition.

Vin Hair Vendor’s mission

At Vin Hair Vendor, their mission is to provide high-quality hair products that are affordable and accessible to everyone.
They believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful hair without effort and they strive to make that a reality for their customers.

Vin Hair Vendor’s commitment to sustainability

At Vin Hair Vendor, they are committed to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact. To gather donated hair, their collection crew goes to remote places in Vietnam. All the hair is ethically sourced and carefully treated at the Vin Hair factory.

Vin Hair Vendor’s products

Vin Hair Vendor offers a wide range of hair products, including bulk hair, hair weft, wigs, and hair extensions, with a wide range of styles and colors. All of the products are 100% real hair without going through chemical treatment with hazardous substances.
So if you are looking for high quality, long lasting and safe hair products, i highly recommend you choose Vin Hair Vendor.

For more information and photos of Vin Hair’s products, click here https://vinhairvendor.com/

Customer service of Vin Hair Vendor

They value their customers and strive to provide excellent customer service. At Vin hair Vendor, the team is available 24/7 to help you out with any problems from the products.
They are always listening to feedback and working to improve their products and services to better meet the needs of global customers. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the products, let them know and they will find the best solution for you.

Vin Hair Vendor’s customers

What Sets Vin Hair Vendor’s products Apart?

As someone who has tried many different hair brands, I can confidently say that Vin Hair Vendor’s products stand out for several reasons.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: One of the things that immediately caught my attention about Vin Hair Vendor was the quality of their ingredients. They use only the best ingredients, which is 100% Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic or blended hair, which has made a difference in the health and appearance of my hair
  • Affordability: Despite the high quality, Vin Hair Vendor’s products are surprisingly affordable. I’ve tried other high-end hair brands that cost a small fortune, but Vin Hair Vendor offers similar quality at a much more reasonable price point. Since they are a wholesale hair supplier, you will surely get a discount especially when you buy hair in bulk.
  • Variety:  Another thing I appreciate about Vin Hair Factory is the variety of products they offer. No matter what hair type you have: short, curly, bleached or straight, you can always find the products that match your needs.
  • Chemical-Free: Finally, I love that all of Vin Hair Vendor’s products are chemical-free. As someone who cares about product safety, it’s important to me to support companies that share my values and they totally win my heart.

If you’re looking for high-quality hair products that are safe, durable and beautiful, I highly recommend you give Vin Hair Vendor’s products a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Vin Hair Vendor’s hair collection

The best products from Vin Hair Vendor

As someone who has tried many hair products over the years, I can confidently say that Vin Hair Vendor has some of the best products on the market.

Hair extension – my favorite hair item at Vin Hair Vendor

This is so far my favorite product at Vin Hair Vendor

  • Definition: Vietnamese hair extensions are lengths of real hair that are sewn close to a person’s scalp to lengthen or thicken the person’s own natural hair. Hair extensions from Vin Hair Vendor are made from Vietnamese remy hair..
  • Varieties: There is a wide variety of styles in stock: flat tips, u-tips, i-tips, clip-ins, tape-ins,..with length ranging from 6 to 32 inches; weighing 100 grams per bundle. You can find almost all hair types there from straight, wavy, curly to bleached.
  • Characteristics: All Vietnamese hair extension products are beautiful, shiny, long lasting and not chemically treated. What’s more, you can easily style them like your natural hair, you can curl, straighten and even dye them to match your style. Vietnamese hair extension products of Vin hair are great for those who want to add length, volume or highlights without doing harm to natural hair. One interesting remark is that you can request them to style the extension the way you like.

This hair item from Vin Hair Vendor is getting more and more attention in the European market. European women like it, I bet you will too!

Weft hair at Vin Hair Vendor

Weft hair is another product at Vin Hair Vendor that i love

  • Definition: A hair weft is a grouping of hair strands sewed onto a very thin cloth strip. At Vin Hair Vendor all hair wefts are made from Vietnamese raw human hair. Its soft and silky texture with bouncy and voluminous curls is worth a try.
  • Varieties: From 6 inches to 32 inches and more, their weft hair items come in a variety of lengths and quality ratings, from single to super double drawn. They come in several styles: kinky, curly, wavy, bone straight and dyed.
  • Characteristics: Due to its versatility and ease of use, weft hair extensions are highly popular. They are also quite strong and can endure a very long time without requiring expert maintenance. One of the most amazing things is that it helps add volume and body to your hair without weighing it down. Therefore, it will not cause your natural hair to break and fall out. Besides, this Vin Hair vendor’s product is totally manageable. You can easily style it and it won’t need much care.

With all of this amazing product’s good characteristics, it’s receiving much endorsement in the African market. Don’t hesitate to message Vin Hair Vendor team if you want to find out more about it.

Hair bulk – another beautiful item at Vin Hair Vendor

Hair bulk is an inexpensive hair item at Vin Hair Vendor. Here is what i like about it:

  • Definition: A bundle of hair secured by elastic bands is called bulk hair. Hair bulk at Vin Hair Vendor is raw Vietnamese hair bundles which is 100% human hair from Vietnam and unprocessed.
  • Varieties: They offer a range of lengths for their hair bulk products, from 6 inches to 32 inches and beyond. There are currently many types of hair bulk on the shelf at Vin Hair Vendor: Wavy hair bulk, kinky hair bulk, straight hair bulk and even ombre hair bulk.
  • Characteristics: This hair has a beautiful texture with soft and silky feeling, shiny and vibrant look. It blends in perfectly with natural hair, making it appear luscious. In addition, bulk hair’s totally affordable, you can style it to switch up your appearance whenever you desire without buying new hair extensions. On top of that, you can use this hair product for a very long time if you take good care of it.

Buying hair bulk at Vin Hair Vendor is an economical way to get yourself a beautiful hair item. So, why not try it out?

Customer Reviews of Vin Hair Vendor

Don’t just take my word for it – here are some reviews from satisfied customers:

  • Customer Review 1: “I’ve been using Vin Hair vendor’s products for a few months now, and I’m so impressed with how much thicker and bouncier my hair looks and feels. Love their hair weft.” – Sarah T.
  • Customer Review 2: “I love how their frontals help with my hairline. I feel much more confident now thanks to them!” – Emily L.
  • Customer Review 3: “I’ve tried so many hair products over the years, but nothing has worked as well as Vin Hair vendor’s extension.” – Rachel G.

Whenever you want to purchase any hair products, read the reviews first before making the decision to buy. I hope these reviews will be helpful for you.

Where to Buy Vin Hair Vendor’s Products

You can purchase Vin Hair Vendor’s products directly from their website with reasonable price. They offer shopping around the world. No matter how far you are from them, the products will be delivered to your house with love and care. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to ask. The Vin Hair’s Vendor team is always there to help you.

The Future of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is dedicated to delivering top-notch, reasonably priced hair products that cater to the demands of individuals worldwide. Their emphasis on originality and eco-friendliness assures me that they will maintain their position as a hair industry leader for the foreseeable future.

Gọi: 0942.240.715