Wholesale Vietnamese Jasmine rice and things to know before investing

Among many types of rice from Vietnam, Jasmine rice is really popular for traders. With distinctive features, wholesale Vietnamese Jasmine rice is now a booming market for traders.

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice: An overview

Jasmine rice is a leading product of Vietnamese rice export. In 2020, jasmine rice and fragrant rice made up 32.9%, equivalent to one-third of the whole rice export volume.

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is widely favored in many countries. Three major importers are the Philippines, Ghana and Ivory Coast

The EVFTA has had many good impacts on the price of Vietnamese rice, especially wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice. Before the EVFTA took effect, the price of Vietnamese jasmine rice exported to the EU was 520 USD/MT. The tax reduction has boosted wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice to 600 USD/MT in 2021.


Types of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Having favorable conditions for rice production, experts have developed many jasmine rice varieties for wholesale consumption in the USA, the Philippines, and the EU.

  • Jasmine 85 is the most popular wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice, originating from the Philippines. Jasmine 85 has been cultivated in the Mekong Delta since 1992. This rice is a short-term variety, with a growing time from 95 to 100 days, ensuring stable supply chains for export.
  • OM 5451 is selected from the hybrid combination between Jasmine 85 and OM 2490. Its growing period is about 90-100 days in the summer-autumn crop and 88-93 days in the winter-spring crop.
  • OM 4900 is bred from Jasmine 85 and Lemont C53. Its productivity can be 7-8 tons/winter-spring crop, and 5-7 tons/summer-autumn crop.


The Mekong Delta is the biggest supplier of wholesale Vietnamese rice when 90% of the region’s rice is for export, especially wholesale

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice: reasons to choose

In the jasmine rice trade, Thailand is the major competitor to Vietnam. As the homeland of jasmine rice, Thailand is the biggest exporter, accounting for 30% of the world’s fragrant rice trade. However, wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice asserts its position due to reasonable prices and stable quality.

Competitive prices

According to the Thai Rice Export Association, the price of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice was more affordable than Thai Hom Mali and Cambodian fragrant rice in 2019. In particular, Vietnamese jasmine rice cost 597 USD/MT, while Thai Hom Mali cost 950 USD/MT, and Cambodian Rumduol rice cost 800 USD/MT.

Stable quality of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Even though the price of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is only half that of Thai jasmine rice, there is no difference in the quality of both rice.


Top 3 wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice exporters

Below are the top 3 reliable Wholesale Vietnamese Jasmine rice suppliers.

Sunrise Ins Group – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice exporter

Established in 2012, Sunrise Ins Group has built a wide distribution system in both the domestic and global markets. Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is a leading product of Sunrise Ins Group.

K-Agriculture Factory – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice exporter

Having 25 years of experience, K-Agriculture Factory is a trustworthy exporter of foreign customers in Dubai, China, the USA, etc. In 2020, K-Agriculture Factory cooperated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to start a national project that is to bring the finest Wholesale Vietnamese Jasmine rice to the international market.

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Angimex – wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice exporter

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice from Angimex reaches many difficult markets including the EU, the USA, and Asian countries.

Angimex has a system of food processing plants spread throughout key raw material areas, with convenient transportation, and warehouses with a capacity of up to 100,000 tons.

If you want to know more about Vietnamese rice as well as our agricultural products, please visit us at https://www.pinterest.com/kagriculturecompany/

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