Wholesale rice: A lucrative market for traders

Wholesale rice is nowadays a booming market since rice has become an essential ingredient in many meals around the world, especially in Asia countries. There are must-know things to know to gain profit from this market.

Wholesale rice: An overview

Nowadays, around 3 billion people consume rice as their main source of carb, making it the most popular food in the world. It is indicated that rice originates from Asia about 8200 years ago. Asia countries are also the largest consumers of wholesale rice, accounting for 90% of the total rice consumption. The following regions are South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Rice is categorized into many different types according to the differences in appearance and characteristics

Based on the length, there are 3 types

Long grain rice Medium grain rice Short grain rice
Length > 6 mm 5.2 mm – 6.0 mm < 5.2 mm
Texture fluffy and separate after cooking moist and tender after cooking sticky after cooking

Based on color, there are 2 main types

White rice Brown rice
Way of process The hull and the bran are removed Only the hull is removed, the bran layers remain
Flavor milder nutty
Texture soft chewy
Shelf life 25-30 years 6 months

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Wholesale rice: Major exporting rice countries

Five major exporting countries of wholesale rice are India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States.

Country Export volume Value (USD)
India 15.5 million MT $8 billion
Thailand 7.5 million MT $3.7 billion
Vietnam 6.6 million MT $1.8 billion
Pakistan 4 million MT $2.1 billion
United States 3 million MT $1.9 billion

They are the largest exporting countries of wholesale rice due to the following reasons: These countries are in Asia-the largest rice-harvested area. In addition, India, Thailand, and Vietnam have suitable climates, high daytime temperatures, a plentiful water supply, and good soil conditions. Thus, they become dominant wholesale rice producers and exporters.

Wholesale rice: Popular types to trade

Below are some prominent types of wholesale rice for traders:

Rice type Aromatic rice

(jasmine and basmati)

Indica rice Japonica rice Glutinous rice and specialty rice
Origin Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Pakistan The foothills of the Himalayas in Eastern India South China Southeast Asia
Percent of global trade 16-18% 75% 5-6% 2-3%
Price (USD/MT) $97.6 $114.4 $89.6 $124.0

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Wholesale rice: Factor affecting the market

The following things are reasons contributing to the development of the Wholesale rice market:

Rice production volume

Stable sources for wholesale rice rely heavily on the total rice production capacity. If the crop has high productivity and produces large quantities, the amount of wholesale rice provided by suppliers will be greater.


Climatic conditions have a great impact on wholesale rice in terms of quantity and delivery. Poor weather will reduce production quantities, leading to a significant reduction in rice volume for wholesale. In addition, wholesale rice trade among countries will be restricted since bad weather conditions prevent many ships from on-time departure.


Wholesale rice prices differ according to the transportation. In the case of the high delivery cost, suppliers have to lower the wholesale rice price to balance the final price.


Political policies

A successful wholesale rice business is attributed to the government’s policies. For instance, due to the regulation of the export quota, there is a restriction in the amount of Vietnamese wholesale rice exported to other areas. In Thailand, many economic fields including the wholesale rice trade have become chaotic because of unstable political situations.

Top wholesale rice suppliers to know

These are reliable wholesale rice suppliers to know about.

Wonnapob wholesale rice supplier

Established in 1895, Wonnapob Company is a wholesale rice supplier from Thailand. The company aims to supply the best rice products which are safe and healthy for humans and the environment.

Sunrise Foodstuff wholesale rice supplier

A must-know wholesale rice supplier from Vietnam is Sunrise Foodstuff, with 10 years of development. The supplier provides wholesale rice for many customers in Eu, Africa, the U.S, and Singapore. Sunrise Foodstuff also offers a wide selection of products with high quality verified by many certificates.

K-Agriculture wholesale rice supplier

Starting as a small company collecting rice and corn, K-Agriculture has become the best agricultural factory in Vietnam. With 25 years of development, K-Agriculture offers many different products of wholesale rice from fragrant rice to specialty rice at a reasonable price. This supplier of wholesale rice also has professional customer service and convenient delivery.



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