Wholesale Arabica coffee beans: trading tips must to knows

Arabica coffee beans in bulk are an important part of the agricultural economics of many countries. This post will demonstrate how to select a trustworthy Arabica coffee bean distributor.

Wholesale Arabica coffee beans top largest suppliers

70% of coffee drinkers prefer Arabica, necessitating a big annual supply to meet demand.


Brazil has been the world’s largest coffee producer for almost 150 years, with a $4.6 billion export value. Brazil’s coffee production now accounts for a third of global output.


Colombian coffee was first farmed in 1723, and it is now a commercial crop in many parts of the country. With an export value of $2.58 billion, Colombia was the world’s third-largest coffee exporter and second-largest wholesale Arabica coffee bean provider until 1912. Colombia was the world’s third-largest coffee exporter and second-largest wholesale Arabica coffee bean provider until 1912. Coffee accounted for 50% of Colombia’s exports until 1912, making it the world’s third-largest coffee exporter and second-largest wholesale Arabica coffee bean provider.


Arabica coffee originated in Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee can be found on the menus of Starbucks, Blue Bottle, and other international coffee retailers. Coffee plants mature more slowly at an adequate elevation of 1290–3000m above sea level, absorbing more sugar and nutrients for cherries, which makes a difference in Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopian coffee exports are currently valued $938 million.

Popular varieties of wholesale Arabica coffee beans

Bourbon, Typica, Moka, and Catimor are some of the most popular wholesale Arabica coffee beans kinds.


Bourbon coffee plants grow at elevations of 1,100 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Bourbon can provide 20 to 30% higher yields than Typica.

Bourbon coffee is available all throughout the world, although it is most popular in Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica.



Typica is one of the two most popular Arabica coffee bean kinds available in bulk at wholesale prices. It’s difficult to cultivate, produces little, is susceptible to illness, and can only be grown at a height of 1500 meters. On the other hand, high-quality coffee is typically preferred by many coffee connoisseurs.

Typica coffee is widely grown in Indonesia, Jamaica, Colombia, and Vietnam.



Moka is a one-of-a-kind coffee from the highest grade category.

Moka is a Yemeni spice that grows best at elevations of 1500 to 1600 meters above sea level. This plant necessitates cautious attention and the application of specialized techniques.

Moka coffee is commonly farmed in Vietnam’s Cau Dat – Lam Dong region, as well as Brazil and Colombia.



550-1920m is the ideal altitude for cultivating Catimor because of the low temperatures. It grows well at elevations of 700-1000 meters.

Catimor coffee is farmed mostly in Portugal, Central and South America, and Vietnam.


Top wholesale coffee beans suppliers around the world

There are hundreds of wholesale Arabica coffee bean suppliers around the world. According to many buyers, the top three wholesale Arabica coffee bean suppliers in the globe are the best places to buy coffee beans in bulk.

K-Agricultural Factory – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Vietnam

K-Agriculture is a large exporter of wholesale Arabica coffee beans to the international market from Vietnam. K-Agriculture has a 25-year track record of bringing Vietnam’s greatest agricultural products to the rest of the globe, and it presently exports a large number of high-quality, high-value coffee beans to nations like Germany and South Africa. In particular, premium-quality Specialty Arabica Quang Tri is the best seller of K-Agriculture Factory.

Each coffee bean is hand-picked and processed using specific processes before being distributed to domestic and international markets to ensure its quality.

Contact information

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Hacienda Flandes – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Colombia

Hacienda Flandes is a huge and ancient coffee farm in Colombia’s Ande Mountains.

Hacienda Flanders has a long history of coffee production and great expertise, spanning three generations and more than a century of expansion, and has just opened its doors to the international roasted Arabica coffee trade.

Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

Ga Food – Leading wholesale Arabica coffee supplier in Brazil

The Brazilian coffee company is known for having a large supply of high-quality Arabica coffee in a medium roast, which is a popular customer option.

Despite the fact that it has only been in operation since 2016, this company has already received several orders and has a reputation for distributing wholesale coffee around the world

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WhatsApp: +84 855555837

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