Top 3 suppliers of cinnamon sticks in the world

Cinnamon stick, a popular spice that almost every household uses in everyday cooking, is also viewed as a promising industry. In this article, we will provide you with all of the most useful information about the market of cinnamon sticks as well as suggest some of the best suppliers of this product.

Major exporting countries of cinnamon

The most basic information about any cinnamon stick supplier is their origin. Therefore, knowing which country is most popular in exporting cinnamon is a must. In 2020, four Asian countries, notably Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, and Indonesia, ruled global cinnamon exports. They accounted for roughly 86 percent of global export value.

Vietnam: the best cinnamon supplier in the world

Vietnam is the world’s largest wholesale cinnamon stick provider at the moment. Vietnam’s cinnamon exports are worth $235 million in 2020. Cinnamon sticks are also one of the country’s most important exporting products. Due to its powerful yet pleasant flavour, Vietnamese wholesale cinnamon sticks are a customer favourite around the world.
Vietnamese cinnamon is harvested and produced in mountainous areas like Yen Bai, Quang Ngai… Cinnamon trees thrive in these provinces because of the soil and climate. In addition, the government has made significant efforts to increase cinnamon exports by giving farmers appropriate equipment and training in production practices. These locals have gone from being poor people with little knowledge and resources to becoming professionals in the processing and production of wholesale cinnamon sticks.
India, the United States, and Bangladesh are major buyers of Vietnamese wholesale cinnamon sticks. Vietnamese cinnamon is prized for its spicy, pungent flavour and attractive appearance. It’s most typically used as a seasoning and medication.

Indonesia: one of the world’s oldest cinnamon producers

According to FAOSTAT, Indonesia was the world’s greatest cinnamon producer in 2019. More than 91,000 tonnes of cinnamon products, including wholesale cinnamon sticks, were produced in the country. The flavor of Indonesian cinnamon is described as harsh and “astringent.”
Apart from its good soil and climate, Indonesia has a long and deep trading relationship with the United States, according to an article presented at the 4th Padang International Conference on Education, Economics, Business, and Accounting (PICEEBA-2 2019). This specific relationship allows them to get a large client, increasing their wholesale cinnamon stick export value to about $150 million.
Indonesian cinnamon is exported to the United States, Vietnam, and the Netherlands. It’s often used as a spice and as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.

China: a potential market

Following Indonesia as the second-largest producer of wholesale cinnamon sticks, China Mainland produced more than 70,000 tonnes in 2019.
Even so, China’s export value is fairly low, at roughly $160 million, because the majority of its cinnamon supply is used domestically. Due to its harsh taste and sharp bite, Chinese cinnamon has a restricted market in overseas markets.

Sri Lanka: the sole distributor of Ceylon cinnamon

Sri Lanka was the fourth most reliable cinnamon stick provider, with over 25,000 tonnes produced. Sri Lanka’s cinnamon export value increased dramatically due to Ceylon’s high pricing – from $6,000 to over $10,000 per tonne – to reach $206 million in 2020.
Clients from America, such as the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala, account for about 60% of the country’s exports. Ceylon wholesale cinnamon sticks are popular in these places because of the sweet and gentle cinnamon flavour they impart to food and beverages.

Top 3 suppliers of cinnamon sticks from all over the world

K-Agriculture (Vietnam)

Vietnam is the best exporting country of cinnamon, and K-Agriculture is the best cinnamon supplier in Vietnam.
K-Agriculture was established in 1996 and has since become one of the most well-known names in the wholesale and export of cinnamon goods. Its wholesale cinnamon sticks are produced to strict quality requirements and sold at a fair price. “Quality is King,” the company’s motto, illustrates the company’s commitment to client happiness and service quality.

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Rempah Sari (Indonesia)

Rempah Sari, which was founded in 1964, takes pride in being Indonesia’s leading cinnamon exporter. A few years ago, it began focusing on Cassia goods. Clients all across the globe know the high quality of its wholesale cinnamon sticks.

Jining Sunagro Trade (China)

Jining Sunagro Trade Co., Ltd. has grown from a tiny enterprise to a large agricultural product cultivator, processor, and exporter in recent years. ETI, SGS, and GRASP have all validated its supply of wholesale cinnamon sticks.

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