The wholesale price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka: Updated information

Sri Lanka is the heartland of Ceylon cinnamon, therefore, it captivated a lot of attention from international buyers. What is the wholesale price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka? Why is it so expensive? Let’s discover it in the article below. 

The price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka: An overview

Here is the general information synthesizing all things you need to know about the wholesale price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

Traits of cinnamon from Sri Lanka

  • Ceylon cinnamon, also referred to as Cinnamon Verum, is a Sri Lankan native cinnamon that supplies 80% to 90% of the world’s production. Ceylon cinnamon has a sweet taste and inviting perfume, as well as silky brown quills, which together contribute to the costly price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. 
  • Ceylon Cinnamon is divided into four grades based on the width of the quill: Alba, Continental, Mexican, and Hamburg. This categorization is based on the price of cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

Updated wholesale price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka

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The wholesale price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka
  • The wholesaleprice of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka remained largely steady in the last 3 months of 2021, with minor swings in the Heen kind. Alba cinnamon prices in Sri Lanka are often the highest, ranging from $16.97 to $17.66.  
  • Goroso cinnamon, on the other hand, is a low-segment product in Sri Lanka, with prices ranging between $6.51 and $7.23. After experiencing tremendous changes, the price of Heen cinnamon from Sri Lanka is expected to rise to $12.42 in the future.

Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and other cinnamon types comparison 

  • Sri Lanka has the highest cinnamon pricing among the world’s top cinnamon producers. The costs of cinnamon from  Sri Lanka vary from $10.24 to $11.57 per kilogram, while rates in Indonesia and China are only $2.25 to $3.64 per kilogram.
  •  In Sri Lanka, Ceylon cinnamon is the most prevalent, but Cassia cinnamon is popular in Indonesia and China. The source of these major variances is the provenance of cinnamon in various countries.

The price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka: Analyzing the expensiveness

Why is cinnamon from Sri Lanka so costly? Let’s discover the answer in the section below based on science-based facts and truths revealed by international traders.

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Behind the expensiveness of cinnamon in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon from Sri Lanka: Manual process

  • Long hours of harvesting and delicating manufacturing lead to the high price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka.
  • After planting, Sri Lanka cinnamon typically takes four years to harvest. Furthermore, the high price of cinnamon in Sri Lanka is due to the farmers’ cautious attention during the years following harvest.
  • The processing, which involved processes such as stripping the inner and exterior of the bark up to thin standards, drying under the sun, and so on, is the arduous stage that leads to the exorbitant cost of Sri Lanka cinnamon.

Cinnamon from Sri Lanka: Coumarin content

  • Cinnamon is a natural cure-all for people’s health. Cinnamon with too much coumarin, on the other hand, might damage the liver, cause decreased appetite, and other problems. 
  • Sri Lankan cinnamon is the most expensive because of its safety. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka has the least amount of coumarin, about 0.017 grams/kg, or 0.02%, while cinnamon from other countries has 0.4 to 0.8%.

Top reliable providers of cinnamon from Sri Lanka

This section will show the list of reliable providers of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. This list is based on three main  criteria including price, distribution and capacity. 

Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation 

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Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation

The Ceylon Cinnamon Company was founded in 2002 and is located near Galle on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Today, the Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation oversees an 800-acre cooperative with the goal of supplying the most competitive price of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. This enterprise not only grows its own 30 acre crop, Gradely Estate, but also engages with regional groups to assist other cinnamon producers in Sri Lanka in ensuring a prosperous future and lowering the extra expense of cinnamon.

New Lanka Cinnamon (Pvt) Ltd.

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New Lanka Cinnamon

New Lanka Cinnamon, which was established in 1980 and started supplying in 2010, is a leading cinnamon producer, manufacturer, and distributor in Sri Lanka. The business is located in the Karandeniya district of the Galle District. With an annual export capacity of 1,000 metric tons, more than 100 employees, and various standardized credentials , New Lanka Cinnamon is considered as the leading company of cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

Rathna Producers cinnamon exports (Pvt) Ltd.

Rathna has already been in operation since 1985, exporting Ceylon cinnamon to more than 50 countries worldwide. As shown by multiple honors, Rathna delivers the best price cinnamon from Sri Lanka, as well as great quality.

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