The typical rendering process of Friday bar’s exterior works

In the following article, we will show you the details of the rendering process Friday bar’s exterior works!

General introduction of Friday bar’s exterior works

In the following section, we will cover the basic information about Friday bar’s exterior works.

Customer’s original idea of ​​the Friday bar’s exterior works

If you may not know, Friday bar also has a separate article written about its interior rendering process. However, in this article, we will only focus on the exterior architecture of Friday bar.

Before building Friday bar, we had the opportunity to talk and meet face-to-face with customers who want to do this Friday bar exterior project.


  • The outside space of the Friday bar’s exterior works is located on the main street, where a lot of people pass by. In addition, the location of Friday bar’s exterior works is also located in the center of a large city. Therefore, we imagined and believed that this Friday bar project would definitely succeed.
  • Besides, because this is an exterior rendering product, we still try to advise and communicate to customers the benefits and limitations of Friday bar’s exterior works. From there, they will be able to reduce unnecessary costs. As well as the risks in the process of building Friday bar.

Layout of the Friday bar’s exterior works

The following is the layout Friday bar’s exterior works

  • The first is the front: the front includes the main door, the main scene is the seating for guests outside the bar.
  • Next is the back and left view of the bar.

You can see more in KDI building.

The rendering process of Friday bar’s exterior works

Similar to the Friday bar’s interior renderings, Friday bar’s exterior works will have similar elements and characteristics.

Choosing the right lighting for Friday bar’s exterior works

Because the main scene of Friday bar’s architecture is in the evening, we will choose the evening light to design and render the outdoor product. fail this time.

  • We applied the techniques and features of professional exterior rendering software and tools to render this project. Based on such software, the quality of the final rendered product will be enhanced. Customers and the exterior artists themselves will also be more satisfied with the 3D renderings of the exterior.
  • In addition, an important factor when rendering the Friday bar’s exterior works is that K-Render Studio’s architects combined the lights from the bar’s banner or from the street lights. This will help the visualization of Friday bar’s exterior works become much more realistic and emotional. You can refer to best 3D rendering services Singapore.

Choosing the right angle for the Friday bar’s exterior works

The next important factor is the camera angle for this Friday bar.


  • For interior rendering, we can rely on the area of ​​each room to determine the shooting angle easily and quickly. However, with Friday bar’s exterior works, we will focus more on the scenery and lighting. Therefore, the artist rendering the exterior needs to align the light and the most suitable shooting angle. How can viewers visualize and feel the highlights of the 3D image of this Friday bar’s exterior works?
  • Next, in addition to the basic interior rendering angles that you often see, we will introduce some other novel angles in the rendering. Specifically, the top-down, wide-angle, narrow diagonal…

Feedback from customers about the renderings of Friday bar’s exterior works

After receiving the final 3D image of the exterior works. At the Friday bar, customers have expressed their absolute satisfaction. We and the production team are extremely happy and expect this to happen. Hopefully K-Render Studio will have bigger projects than Friday bar’s exterior works. Thank you customers for always trusting and choosing K-Render as a companion to accompany you every step of the way! We always work harder and try our best to become one of the best in the 3D rendering studios.

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