Rilassante – one of the most successful project by K-Render Studio

Each 3D rendering project is the result of the efforts of the rendering artist team to create the best product that meets the requirements and preferences of customers and constructions’ owners. Rilassante is a project that K-Render is very interested in as it has made customers extremely satisfied.

How does K-Render Studio understand the design of Rilassante?

Understanding thoroughly! K-Render Studio knows that, in order for the output product to meet quality standards, its maker needs to understand the standards as well as the design of the project.

  • The design of Rilassante is towards a rustic style house, showing the generosity and personality of the owner.
  • The designer wanted the light and materials to be perfectly represented and highlight the design style.
The design style of Rilassante is rustic
  • Furniture in the house should be arranged appropriately and create a feeling of closeness and comfort for the members living in the house.

Rilassante – one of the most successful project by K-Render Studio

The Rilassante project has brought both surprise and satisfaction to K-Render’s customers as well as the owner of the house thanks to the following factors.

Modeling factors

To have a harmonious proportion between objects in the house space, the modeling step is a decisive step. The modeling of the overall space as well as each piece of furniture needs to be carried out accurately and carefully.

The living room rendering of Rilassante

Thanks to a thorough understanding of the design documents, the artists of our 3D rendeiring studio completed the rendering step accurately so that the next steps could be completed quickly and satisfactorily. The artists created balance and harmony in the rendered image thanks to this modeling step.

Light factor

We cannot see a beautiful space without light! K-Render rendering artists are always aware of the importance of light expression in interior and exterior spaces.

The kitchen rendering of Rilassante

The rendering artists used light skillfully to highlight the design style as well as the details inside the house. While natural light brings brightness and ventilation to the common living space, the light in the bedrooms brings a sense of rest and relaxation to the viewer.

Materials factor

To complete the 3D perspective of Rilassante, the materials of every small detail have been taken care of. The rendering artists carefully considered what materials to use to match the design style and preferences of the house owner.

Two main types of materials are selected to highlight the rusticity of the house: raw concrete and raw wood. Thanks to the right choice of materials as well as the meticulousness in material rendering, the Rilassante space has appeared extremely realistic.

Client’s feeling about the 3D rendering products of Rilassante

K-Render as one of the best architectural rendering companies always looks forward to feedback from customers to be able to evaluate the quality of products and services and improve their quality day by day. After the Rilassante project is completed, we are delighted to receive good feedback from our customers. Some key points of customer feedback include:

  • The rendered images of the house are spectacular. Every little detail gives viewers a feeling of authenticity and satisfaction.
Our client is very satisfied with the rendering products of Rilassante
  • Design as elevated thanks to these visualizations. The owner of the house is extremely excited and waiting for the actual house to be completed.

K-Render is very proud of bringing good service experience and quality products to customers. We look forward to being able to maintain a cooperative relationship with existing customers and develop cooperation with new customers in the future!

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