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3D rendering services are an important service for the field of architecture. Products of 3D rendering services bring benefits not only to architecture and design companies but also to project owners and investors. With rich operational experience, K-Render Studio is proud to be one of the leading 3D rendering studios today and offers customers the best 3D rendering services.

Foundation story of K-Render Studio – the best 3D rendering studio

In 2013, Mr. Ryan with his close friend Mr. Daniel founded K-Render Studio, with a mission to bring the best quality rendering to support architecture firms and their clients.

Mr. Ryan and Mr. Daniel are both talented architects. In the process of creating architectural design and building construction, they realized the difficulty communicating the design to the client. They realize the importance of 3D rendering products as well as the huge demand for cooperating with the 3D rendering studio in the market.

K-Render Studio was founded in 2013

That is reason why Mr. Ryan and Mr. Daniel co-founded our 3D rendering studio so that the architectural firm and the investor would not face the same difficulties as they had in the past.

3D rendering services that K-Render Studio offer

Our 3D rendering studio provides the best high-quality 3D rendering services including:

3D interior rendering services

K-Render Studio’s rendering artists stimulate the interior of the building based on the provided materials such as mood board, materials board, floor plans, etc.
Architects and home owners will get to know what the interior of the construction will look like in real life without having to wait for it to be built.

3D exterior rendering services

Our 3D rendering studio creates renderings of the building’s exterior including the building and surrounding details will give investors and architects an objective view of the building before it is built. The exterior of the house and the surrounding landscape are meticulously completed to show the relationship between the building and the surrounding environment.

Aerial rendering services

For large-area projects, aerial rendering is an indispensable product. It helps people see the overall project. Editing decisions are also made easier with aerial rendering products. Our rendering studio can confidently do this kind of 3D rendering services.

Outstanding strengths of K-Render Studio and our 3D rendering services

To become one of the leading 3D rendering studios today, K-Render Studio has the following outstanding strengths.

  • High quality products, completely meet the needs of customers.

Our 3D rendering studio has professional staff. With a high level of expertise and work experience accumulated through many projects, K-Render Studio’s artists always strive to understand the ideas and requirements of customers to create high-quality rendering products

Some recent projects of K-Render Studio


  • Competitive 3D rendering services price

K-Render Studio not only brings quality rendering products to customers but also offers them at a very competitive price compared to other 3D rendering studio in the market today.

  • The time to complete the product is fast

With a deep understanding of the design and requirements of customers, K-Render Studio’s rendering team focuses on their work and completes the rendering quickly.

Some projects of K-Render Studio

Here are some outstanding projects of K-Render Studio that received many compliments from customers.

  • Kenli showroom – one of the best projects of our 3D rendering studio

Kenli showroom is a project to visualize the interior of a high-end furniture showroom. The elements in the rendering are harmoniously combined by our 3D rendering studio and create a quality interior showroom rendering product.

An image of Kenli Showroom project
  • Rilassante – 3D interior rendering products of a rustic house

The rustic style of the house and every detail and material are clearly shown on the 3D renderings made by K-Render Studio.

An image of Rilassante project
  • Sunshine Apartment – a peaceful place for family members

Our 3D rendering studio has tried its best to complete the rendering of Sunshine Apartment in accordance with the design and wishes of the owner.

An image of Sunshine Apartment project

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