Is Vietnamese cinnamon the same as Ceylon cinnamon?

There are many misunderstandings about Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon, regardless of newbie and seasoned pro. Let unfold the main differences between Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon in the article below. 

Differences between Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon

To be clear, Vietnamese cinnamon is not the same as Ceylon cinnamon. Why? Let’s discover the answer in the article below. 

Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon: Origin and distribution

Simply defined, Vietnamese cinnamon is the title of cinnamon from one country – Vietnam while Ceylon cinnamon is the name of one species of cinnamon. 

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Main distribution of cinnamon in the world
  • Vietnamese cinnamon belongs to Cassia cinnamon types. Besides Vietnam, Cassia cinnamon is also a popular choice in other Asian countries such as China and Indonesia.
  • Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. This country is the biggest hub of Ceylon kind in the world. Due to many factors, Ceylon cinnamon is not a popular choice as Cassia one. This will be analysed in the following section. 

Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon: Characteristics

In this section, we will distinguish Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon by highlighting their outstanding traits. These traits include price, Coumarin content, taste and colour. 

  • Price. In general, the price of Ceylon cinnamon is more expensive than the price of Vietnamese cinnamon, let alone the highest in the market. On average, while the wholesale price of Vietnamese cinnamon is appropriately from 2000 to 3000 USD per ton, the wholesale price of Ceylon cinnamon is nearly ten times higher than that. 
  • Coumarin. The cinnamon price of Ceylon is the most costly since it is the safest. As per scientific information, Ceylon cinnamon has the least quantity of coumarin, at 0.017 gram per kilogram. By contrast, the level of coumarin in Vietnamese cinnamon is quite high, accounting for 6,97 grams per kilogram.
  • Colour. Ceylon cinnamon seems to have a light brown colour with the yellow tint. Opposed to this, cinnamon from Vietnam has the darker brown with the red hue. 
  • Taste. The experts estimated that Ceylon cinnamon has the delicate flavour with mild sweet and aroma undertone. By contrast, Vietnamese cinnamon is considered to have a robust and spicy taste. 

Top suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon

If you are wanting to find reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers, this section is for you. Here is the list of trustworthy cinnamon providers from Vietnam.

K-Agriculture Factory

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K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory, a subsidiary of K-Global, provides high-quality agricultural products to customers all over the world. The CEO and creator of K-Agriculture is Daniel Trong Quy, writer of “B2B Con Duong Vuon Ra the Gioi.” K-Agriculture Factory always promises the finest top notch Vietnamese cinnamon goods at the most reasonable cost, thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s support, as well as strong experience with 25 years of operation and a huge dissemination to 80 countries worldwide.


Phone: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)




Hafimex is one of Vietnam’s top exporters and makers of cuisine and seasonings, notably cinnamon, and was founded in 2003 with the goal of “For A Healthy Food Chain.” Hanfimex built their cinnamon facilities in the raw material location of Yen Bai, on 500 hectares of organic cassia. This company won several awards for selling Vietnamese cinnamon from 2013 to 2020.


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Hagimex began as an agricultural commodities exporter in 2015 and has since grown to become the biggest maker of canned goods and spices, including cinnamon. From its inception to the present, Hagimex’s network has grown to include 40 nations throughout the world. With standard recognized BRC and IFS processes, this company’s Vietnamese cinnamon goods are always assured to be of the highest quality at a fair price.

Leading providers of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon has an expensive price, therefore, many buyers worry about that point before deciding to buy them. Based on many primary criteria including price, quality, distribution and history, the list of Ceylon cinnamon companies below are among the most reliable suppliers in the world.

Ceylon Golden Cinnamon

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Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation

The Ceylon Cinnamon Company was founded in 2002 and is located near Galle on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Currently, the Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation operates an 800-acre collaborative and strives to provide Sri Lankans with the most affordable cinnamon. The establishment of this company arose from a passion for Sri Lanka’s unique crop, its undervalued health benefits, and the opportunity to establish a successful co-operative.

New Lanka Cinnamon

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New Lanka Cinnamon

New Lanka Cinnamon, which was established in 1980, is a leading cinnamon producer, manufacturer, and distributor in Sri Lanka, with the finest cinnamon prices. The company is located in the Karandeniya electoral district of the Galle District. With an annual export capability of 1,000 metric tons, over 100 employees, and various standardised credentials such as the ISO 22000 accreditation for Food Safety Management Systems, New Lanka Cinnamon is considered as the top firm in Sri Lanka with the most reasonable cinnamon pricing.

Rathna Producers

Rathna has been exporting Ceylon cinnamon to more than 50 countries since 1985. As shown by multiple honours, Rathna has the best cinnamon pricing in Sri Lanka, as well as great quality.

In a nutshell, this article has provided the ultimate answer into whether Vietnamese cinnamon is the same as Ceylon cinnamon or not. Besides, we also recommend somes reliable companies providing these two cinnamon types. Hopefully, this article has addressed your own question. 

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