How to work with 3d architectural studios

Is it possible to acquire great visuals without putting in a lot of effort by outsourcing 3D architectural rendering? The answer is yes by outsourcing 3d architectural studios who have excellent skills and do high-quality renders while architects are free for other work. The tough question for you is How to find the best fit and have a smooth workflow for the first time. Let’s find out.

How to find the best fit and have a smooth workflow for the first time

Consider the case of an architect who requires stunning 3D renders for a presentation. They’ve never dealt with 3D visualization before, and they don’t have the time or budgets to engage in-house experts because of the tight deadlines on this project. Below is how to find the best fit and have a smooth workflow for the first time

Identify the project you need to outsource 3d architectural studios

Before deciding any projects for outsourcing 3d architectural studios, you need to consider those factors.

  • List some information about the projects such as deadline, work volume, financial condition.
  • What is your priority for this project? You have to follow the strict deadline or you have to do high-quality rendering.
Tips on dealing the price with 3D architectural studios
  • Why should you outsource 3d architectural studios for this project? Because the deadline is urgent, there is too much work volume that you can not handle or maybe you do not have the financial capacity to hire in-house experts .

Listing a few of 3d architectural studios that are your good-fit.

Some tips to select some 3d architectural studios for your project.

  • A valid business license is required for reputable 3D architectural studios. This is the bare minimum a 3D architectural firm can present to their clients. The business license demonstrates the seriousness with which they conduct business.
3D architectural studios must have a business license
  • Avoid 3D architecture studios who refuse to provide you with their business license.
  • Portfolios will be able to exhibit the competency of the 3D studio architecture you should work with.
  • These are previous projects that 3D architectural studios have worked on, demonstrating their expertise and technique.
  • Please keep in mind that you should always double-check whether these portfolios were created by these 3D architecture studios.

With fantastic partners, a capable 3D architect studio will collaborate. This information can be found on the studio’s website or profile.

Asking for their scope of work form and preparing them to send 3d architectural studios

Depending on each 3d architectural studio, they will have a bit different requirement for scope of work form.

Summer bar and restaurant project

For K-Render studio, we require a lot of documents as much detail as possible to estimate the precise pricing. Some clients might wonder why we require a lot. The key point is to understand what you really need in that project and avoid any misunderstanding and save time from edition.

You check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see more details.

Pricing and turnaround time when working with 3d architectural studios

Commonly, each 3d architectural studios will have an expert team who will soak up the clients’ input then give pricing and turnaround time.

For K-Render studio, we often try to give the customer as soon as possible, often 2 hours in working time and 3 to 4 hours in non-working time with 24/24 customer support.

DNA and other guarantees are compulsory when working 3d architectural studios

It is highly suggested that when outsourcing 3D rendering services, quality assurance and copyright protection be specified in advance. In particular, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a crucial need that prohibits the use of client project materials without legal ramifications. Depending on the company’s strategy and market standing, extra assurances may be available.

Communicate with 3d artists and get updated frequently about the project

Outsourcing 3D architecture rendering does not imply that the architect will be kept in the dark about the outcomes until the deadline has passed. There are several options for knowing about the progress of the project. It’s normal practice to text or schedule a Zoom/Skype conversation with the client manager anytime you require information.

For K-Render, we love to keep in touch with the customer via Whatsapp or google meet for face to face conversation and mail for sending some updates or references. Customers should upload all the input in a file in drive and share them with us.

Checking the renderings with low -resolution and giving feedback when working with 3d architectural studios .

Checking the work on a project at every stage while outsourcing is highly advised, especially if it involves permission or reconciliation of tasks in development. An architect can always make alterations until the final stages if something does not correspond to the brief or if architectural designs are changed.

Payment is an essential stage when you work with 3D architectural studios

For K-render studio, this is our policy about revisions
Maximum 3 revisions ( the total of 3 revisions must not exceed 30% of the signed work volume in the Agreement.

  • If the first repair reaches 30% of work, the second revision will be extra charged.
  • Extra charge for additional revisions: from 5-10% of total contract value.

Getting the final rendering with high-resolution from 3d architectural studios.

When an architect is entirely satisfied with the results of 3D architectural rendering outsourcing and is ready to accept the final product, he must choose the format in which he wants the files to be delivered.

He has the option of requesting raw materials at any stage of the process or merely finished 3D representations in a certain format.

There’s also the option of downloading files in all of the project’s formats and selecting the most appropriate ones later. Furthermore, 3D artists can convert data from one format to another while keeping the appropriate quality and file size in mind.

Top 3 best 3d architectural studios

The post will now make some recommendations for the greatest 3D architectural studios.

K-render studio- the first recommendation in Top 5 best 3d architectural studios

K-Render is one of the most well-known 3D architectural firms. It’s also one of the top 3D visualization firms out there. They offer top-notch interior and exterior rendering services. K-Render Studio currently has offices in Hanoi, Vietnam, and San Antonio, Texas.

The New Kenli project

What are the advantages of using K-Render?

  • K-Render has 8 years of architectural rendering experience.
  • Because their rendering artists are all architects with extensive rendering experience, they have excellent rendering abilities.
  • Obtain numerous architectural and rendering certificates.
  • Service at a reasonable cost
  • Rendering time is short. When you work with K-Render, you can save 23% on rendering time.
  • They are one of the best 3D architectural studios for architectural firms who need to complete projects quickly.

How do you get in touch with K-Render?
Whatsapp: 84855555092

Luxigon- the second recommendation in Top 5 best 3d architectural studios

This 3D architecture studio has a lot of experience and has worked with a lot of different design and real estate firms.

Luxigon is one of the best 3D architectural studios

Their items’ excellence has been recognized for a long time. This company’s price, on the other hand, will undoubtedly make you wonder.

Pixelflakes- the third recommendation in Top 5 best 3d architectural studios

Pixelflakes- a great stusio for refering the idea of exterior rendering. is a London, England-based 3D architectural studio. They have ten years of architectural rendering experience and provide all services including interior, exterior, visualization video, walkthrough video, and more.

Pixelflakes – The third suggestion of 3D architectural studios

Pixelflakes, one of the best 3D architectural studios, momentarily ceased operations due to a lack of rendering artists.

In case you’re interested, here’s how to get in touch with us: Hotline: (+1) 214 488 1333

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