Fact about Vietnamese coffee export

Vietnam has a distinct and long-established coffee culture that has resulted in large-scale Vietnamese coffee export around the world. For a long time, Vietnam coffee bean suppliers contributed to the country’s huge export value.

History of Vietnamese coffee export

Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by a group of French entrepreneurs. It was initially carried to the north of Vietnam, then to the central part of the country, such as Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and ultimately to the Highlands of Vietnam, where it is the best site to grow a coffee tree due to the climate.

Vietnam coffee export

Vietnamese coffee export did not become the world’s second until the “Revolution” in 1986 when the quantity was higher than Columbia.

Role of Vietnamese coffee export

Coffee has recently become one of the most popular agricultural products in Vietnam, bringing in significant foreign exchange revenue. Coffee exports not only help to enhance output, but they also help to grow the Vietnamese economy and society by bringing funds to invest in equipment, which has modernized our country.

Coffee is one of the most widely traded goods on the planet. Coffee is one of Vietnam’s top ten export commodities, with exports to 80 countries and territories. It ranks seventh among Vietnam’s top ten export commodity industries.

Types of coffee that Vietnam exports

There are two main coffee beans that Vietnam has exported.


The average annual output of Robusta coffee beans wholesale reaches about 1 million tons, accounting for about 95% of total coffee quantities.

Robusta coffee beans wholesale are imported by over 80 countries worldwide, which adds flavor to the world’s Espresso. In 11 months of 2020, Robusta coffee exports reached 1.22 million VND tons, worth 1.82 billion USD, down 2.9% in terms of volume 

Arabica decreased by 3.9% in value compared to the same period in 2019.


Vietnamese coffee exports do not provide as much Arabica as Robusta. While Robusta coffee beans are exported about 95% in total quantities of Vietnam coffee suppliers, Arabica coffee green beans only account for about 5%. Arabica is the most well-known coffee from all over the world and Dien Bien and Son La are the two largest Vietnamese coffee bean suppliers of Arabica. 

Top Vietnamese coffee bean exporter

Founded in 1996, K-Agriculture has gone through 25-year development until now in the wholesale market, especially This company is one of the leading Vietnam coffee beans suppliers. With an aim to bring Vietnamese agriculture to the world,  K-Agriculture – a reputable Vietnam coffee beans exporter – has reached over 80 countries globally in some fields such as coffee, rice, and spices.

K-Agriculture – leading coffee exporter in Vietnam

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