Did you know these 4 signs of scam when working with cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka?

Cinnamon is a familiar and flavorful spice that may be found in a variety of cuisines around the world. Sri Lanka exports a significant amount of cinnamon. This post is for buyers who want to order cinnamon from Sri Lanka and learn more about the warning signals of a scam while dealing with cinnamon sellers.

Types of cinnamon in Sri Lanka

Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon are the two types of cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon planting is most usually connected with Sri Lanka. Ceylon cinnamon is a local plant that is also known as true cinnamon due to its high quality. Sri Lankan cinnamon producers account for more than 80% of global Ceylon cinnamon production. Cinnamon from Ceylon is incredibly difficult to grow, resulting in an exorbitant price. Customers for Ceylon cinnamon are typically from the United States, Mexico, and Latin America, as these countries enjoy the mild flavour.

4 must-know signs of scam cinnamon suppliers

Be careful with payment by T/T

If you pick T/T as your primary mode of payment for cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka, you should be aware that the lack of a system to protect the payer from fraud is a big disadvantage. Account numbers from cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka, for example, might be swapped.


When money is paid to such an account, the importer may lose money because the payment is unconnected to the order between him and the cinnamon sellers in Sri Lanka.

Be careful with low prices and numerous benefits.

Scam cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka aim to provide more tempting deals to make it easier to deceive clients. Inexperienced purchasers are frequently attracted by the benefits, while cinnamon providers in Sri Lanka offer costs that are quite low. Getting a decent bargain in the B2B industry is wonderful. However, the price of cinnamon is influenced by the quality and provenance of the spice. Remember to be careful because working with scam cinnamon providers in Sri Lanka is always a possibility.

Lack of warehouse.

Cinnamon providers in Sri Lanka must maintain a consistent supply for buyers. Another indicator that cinnamon vendors have a high reputation and experience is a consistent supply of items. This shows that they frequently have a high number of orders to fulfill and can deliver at any time. Cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka without a large enough warehouse cannot guarantee that they can supply the volume of product required by consumers.

Ability to prepare the goods very quickly

Cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka typically require 10 to 15 days to prepare a substantial wholesale quantity of items (approximately several containers). If you meet anyone among Sri Lanka’s cinnamon suppliers who claims to be able to deliver the items quickly, be skeptical.

Tips to choose reputable suppliers

Verify the identity of suppliers

Long-term collaboration requires both sides to have a high level of mutual trust. There are a few criteria to consider while determining whether cinnamon producers are trustworthy:

  • Ensure that the cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka have a legitimate company license, a real address, and real contact information.
  • Determine whether cinnamon providers in Sri Lanka have previously been able to assure commodity supply and have a solid partnership with their partners.

Quality of products

High-quality cinnamon products provided by trustworthy suppliers must have these standards:

Cinnamon quality standards

Delivery time

When evaluating the qualities of cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka, the delivery time is a vital thing to consider. Sri Lankan cinnamon growers normally need 10 to 15 days to prepare their goods. Shipment delays can be caused by labor constraints, raw material shortages, transportation problems, human mistake, and natural disasters. If the cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka can prepare a huge number of things (many containers) in a short amount of time, be wary. It might be a sign of con artists selling cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

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