Details about Vietnam coffee factory

The three most famous Vietnam coffee factory in recent 5 years are Trung Nguyen Legend, K-Agriculture Factory and Vinacafe Bien Hoa Factory.

Comparing top 3 Vietnam coffee factory

These three prestigious companies have different competitive features, which make them stand out among hundreds of Vietnamese coffee factories.

Vinacafe Bien Hoa Factory

Having 3 giant coffee factory located in Dong Nai province, Vinacafe Bien Hoa Factory is known for its impressive production capacity: more than 3,200 tons of pure instant coffee per year). 

The factory’s scale has been expanded, namely the third factory was invested more than 500 billion VND, based on 5 hectares in Dong Nai province. This third Vietnam coffee factory is estimated to be 4 times bigger than the second and 40 times bigger than the first one.

K-Agriculture Factory

Providing organic coffee beans in bulk is the key competitive feature of K-Agriculture Factory. In recent years, the demand for organic products, including organic coffee has been significantly increased, which really lifts the position of K-Agriculture among thousands of national coffee factories.

Two major products of the factory are organic Arabica and Robusta coffee. With the mission to promote and bring Vietnamese coffee beans to the world, buyers coming to K-Agriculture can feel free to ask for samples or check the factory in person.

K-Agriculture Factory

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TrungNguyen Legend Factory

This is the only Vietnam coffee factory which has both factories and coffee stores spreading in almost every province in the nation. Diverse types of instant coffee are to its credit, ranging from instant milk coffee, black iced coffee to cappuccino coffee. The coffee flavors are so diverse that almost everyone can find a suitable one for themselves.

Besides, it is easy to check the quality of the factory’s products since it has hundreds of coffee stores in Vietnam and retail distributors in the world.

The distributions of Vietnam coffee factory

The Northwest, Central Highlands and Quang Tri are the hotspots of Vietnamese coffee factories. The climate conditions of these three are slightly different, which benefits the cultivation of different coffee breeds.


In the Northwest, there are two main coffee producing provinces: Son La and Dien Bien. Due to the year-round cool climate, this area is ideal for growing high-quality Arabica coffee trees.

If you have the need for buying wholesale Arabica coffee beans, working with factories located in the Northwest of Vietnam is the best choice.

Central Highlands

Daklak, Dong Nai, Kon Tum, etc are key provinces in Central Highlands to grow and manufacture Vietnamese coffee. The main coffee product in this area is Robusta coffee beans, whose production accounts for nearly 95% of national coffee production.

Quang Tri

This province has given all credits for its Arabica coffee factories, typically Khe Sanh specialty coffee

Why should traders work with a Vietnam coffee factory?

Being the second-largest coffee exporter in many years, Vietnamese coffee has claimed its firm position in the global coffee map. Stable quantity, impressive quality and competitive wholesale prices are 3 key factors attracting traders to step into this promising field.

Besides, traders can receive more affordable wholesale coffee price ranges when working directly with Vietnam coffee factory because they do not have to pay for intermediaries.


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