An overview to help you better understand Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Since Vietnam is the world’s leading coffee grower and exporter, Vietnam coffee manufacturers are frequently sought after by numerous foreign partners.

An overview of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

In 2020, Vietnam coffee manufacturers face two challenges: coffee prices have not yet recovered from a four-year slump, and the COVID-19 epidemic has expanded internationally, forcing many economies to freeze, resulting in coffee demand. Coffee consumption is decreasing.

Production of Vietnam coffee manufacturers in 2020

According to the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association, Vietnam coffee manufacturers’ output in the 2019-2020 harvest year was 1.8 million tons, a 5% decrease from the previous crop year. Therefore, the Chairman of the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association stated that beginning with the 2020-2021 crop year, Vietnam’s coffee output will decline by around 15% owing to the impact of the October floods and the May-June drought.

Coffee production process of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Coffee consumption from Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam coffee manufacturers are expected to total 85 thousand tons with a value of 170 million USD in December 2020, increasing the overall volume and value of coffee exports in 2020 to 1.51 million tons and 2.66 billion USD, respectively. Compared to 2019 statistics obtained by the Department of Agricultural Products Processing and Market Development, volume was down 8.8% and value was down 7.2 %. Germany, the United States, and Italy are the top three coffee-consuming countries in Vietnam.

Main locations of Vietnam coffee manufacturers

Vietnam is also a major coffee exporter around the globe. Coffee is now the most important crop in the world. However, coffee can’t be grown everywhere in Vietnam. Coffee plants thrive in high hilly locations:

Region of the Northwest

One of Vietnam’s three notable coffee areas is the northwest, Arabica coffee, often known as tea coffee, is very popular. The terrain in this area does not have appropriate heights. Even though the elevation is just 400-500 meters, Arabica coffee may still be grown by native Vietnam coffee manufacturers. Because of the usual climatic conditions of the site near the North Parallel, the product is also of high quality.

Coffee is grown in climates that are conducive to coffee cultivation.

Central Highland

It’s hard to discuss coffee-growing regions in Vietnam without mentioning the Central Highlands. Dak Mil (Dak Nong), Dak Ha (Kon Tum), Chu Se (Gia Lai), and other Central Highlands locations… And, in particular, Buon Ma Thuot – Dak Lak is known as the home of numerous Vietnam coffee manufacturers.
The soil properties here, such as basalt red soil, at an altitude of roughly 500m – 600m above sea level, are regarded highly good for Vietnam coffee manufacturers. The weather is chilly and wet. Highland coffee is known for having a high caffeine concentration, a powerful flavor, and low acidity.

Central Region

High altitude locations in our country’s central region are likewise unsuitable for Vietnam coffee manufacturers. Coffee does not have the same sweet flavor as Bourbon when cultivated here. Catimor, on the other hand, has a strong scent and a salty, bitter flavor.

Performance of coffee price from Vietnam coffee manufacturers in 2020

Looking back over the entire year of 2020, Vietnam coffee export company output varied and declined in the first half of the year, then increased somewhat in the second half. In December, the price of a coffee with buckets in the Central Highlands regions increased marginally by 500 VND/kg compared to the end of 2019. However, compared to November 2020, the price dropped by 100-200 VND/kg, to 32,500 – 32,900 VND/kg.

A list of reliable Vietnam coffee manufacturers

The following list includes the top Vietnam coffee company with the best reputation and quality.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture is one of Vietnam’s coffee manufacturers with many years of expertise, having spent more than 20 years in the sector. Robusta and Arabica coffee products are the company’s specialties.

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Simexco Daklak

Simexco Daklak (Dak Lak 2-9 Import-Export Company Limited) was founded on June 8, 1993, and after 17 years of operation, it has established itself as one of Vietnam’s major coffee and pepper exporters.

An Thai Café

Saigon An Thai Joint Stock Company, founded in 1992, is a prominent coffee manufacturing, distribution, and export company with two brands: AnThaiCafe and HiupCoffee. Paper filter coffee, roasted and ground coffee extract, powdered coffee, instant coffee, mink coffee, etc. are some of the main goods.

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